Once Fired Brass Company Expands!

In case you haven’t seen our press release yet we are expanding this year! Here is more information on our expansions.

Our goal our satisfied customers and top quality brass. We needed to make sure we had the facilities that were state of the art and that could meet the demand.

If you ever need reloading brass, 45 acp once fired brass, rifle, pistol, 223 or 9mm brass check out our website. You can purchase online securely 24×7 and we will get your orders filled!

Our new location is at 7363 E Adobe DR Suite 101 Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 and we can be reached at 855-357-3030.

once fired brass company


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Hello! We are Now Selling Projectiles!

Diamond K Brass is a once fired brass company in Colorado and AZ but selling online all over the US. We just launched this blog to share our latest updates, news, and promos to help our customers stay up to date and connected with us.

We recently just started selling projectiles along with a our full list of once fired brass.

Check it out at our site. Thanks!

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